In addition to providing proven alternative dispute resolution program management, Excel ADR’s Claim Settlement & Oversight division offers an array of specialized services to reduce costs and increase closures.

Everything we do challenges the status quo of handling claims. We believe in doing things differently. The way we challenge the claims management status quo is to expertly assess future exposure and all areas of concern while providing impactful cost saving solutions. We just happen to do it mostly on a contingency basis. Do you want to save money and improve your program?

If so, here is where we can help:

– Reserve Analysis
– TPA Oversight
– Due Diligence Reviews
– Claims Program Guidance
– File Assessments and Audits
– Structured Settlement Evaluations
– MSP Compliance Issues and Medicare Set-Asides
– Risk Assessment of Current Inventory or Prospective Portfolios
– Settlement Facilitation of Unresolved Claims

* A results-oriented approach to claims resolution is essential. Claims don’t necessarily have to stay open forever. If you have unresolved cases with one or more of the following factors, let’s collaborate to expedite settlements.

• Escalating medical costs
• Claims older than 5 years
• MSA’s of $100,000 or more
• Attendant care or home care
• Disputed legal or med-legal issues
• Permanent Total Disability (or near PTD)
• Excessive medication/prescription drug usage
• Future Medical claims within an SIR or self-insured layer
• Substantial litigation/legal expenses with seemingly no end in sight
• Significant co-morbidity issues (obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc.)

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